The Cyprus Children's Fund is now accepting the 2014  scholarship applications. Eligible are students of Greek and Greek Cypriot origin who are citizens of the United States, Greece and Cyprus. Students must be enrolled in September 2014 on a full-time basis in a U.S. accredited College or University.  Deadline for application submission for all awards is April 30, 2014. Applications are available on the Organization’s website or by written request at:


Cyprus Children’s Fund, Inc.

13 E. 40th Street

New York, NY 10016, USA

Tel: 212 696 4590 Fax: 212 532 9640







In times of financial and emotional adversity, communities come together to help and provide relief against misfortune, pain and despair. The concept of charitable action and philanthropy signifies the generosity of spirit practiced worldwide. Philanthropy, as an act of compassion, has been part of the American way of life and it is the great shared task of improving our collective lives.


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The Cyprus Children's Fund, Inc., is a non-profit organization established in 1975 following the devastating Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus to alleviate the plight of hundreds of displaced children in Cyprus. This program is a one-on-one basis sponsorship program and every donated dollar goes to a child of the donor's choice.



Children are recommended to this office through the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, Social Welfare Department of Cyprus. Determination of cases is based on strict criteria of need. Many children need emotional support through foster parent contact, as well as the sponsorship donation of $20 a month.

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